The Diary of the Design Process by Levent CAVAS & Ebru ERERIS
The beginning of the design process can be read on Levent CAVAS web site
December, 2006We have contacted with Mr Dominique HORST. He sent us his beautiful seaslug photos to prepare a web page. We are greatful to him for his this nice help. Without his permission, we could not have created these designs and this web page.It is now our holy mission to introduce people such a wonderful creature having a wide range of marvellous costumes. Why do these unique costumes not be inspirational samples for ladies who would like to put something exciting and attracting on themselves? They are much better designs than those of human beings. As we said before, they are perfect, concealed in the bosom of mother nature. We are happy to discover such an untouched beauty.It should be remembered that there is an ever-increasing pollution in the seas. The diversity of flora and fauna in the seas is diminishing day by day. Domestic and industrial waste being released to the sea without refining is a great threat for the ecosystem. Ship crash resulting in oil leak is another evil, a nightmare, to collapse the natural balance. Sea slugs are obviously fragile living creatures when exposed to pollution. We are lucky since we have managed to see the mystifying and amazing beauties of sea slugs. We think that whoever is inspired by the nature designs and produces more natural works of art, and whoever wears a dress designed and tailored through imitating the authenticity of sea slugs is more sensitive on environmental issues. Therefore, each creation, each design, is named after its inspiring species. Each species, in a sense, is a trademark under the water with its own color imagery and structural pattern and motif. Sometimes, one species resembles one another like a relation between a brother and a sister, or a mother’s passionate embrace of his son or daughter, and sometimes some species depict different features in their designs as if they come from million-light-year-away galaxies or they are children of different civilizations that are temporally apart from one another for centuries. We have now more than 50 designs. The followings are chosen for your appreciation.This was our dream to write down such an essay including the man-made designs imitating those of the “mother nature”. We would like to thank you for participating in our dream. Now, the first part of our dream is over. What comes is the second part, to put our dream into practice. We need valuable support of the fashion houses to tailor those designs.
March, 2008Dress designs are published in the official" journal of TurkishUnderwater Sports Federation called "TSSF Deniz Magazin".
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